Home Inspections and Environmental Testing at the top of the game.

Home Inspections and Environmental Testing at the top of the game.

Home Inspections and Environmental Testing at the top of the game.Home Inspections and Environmental Testing at the top of the game.

Rely on our certified inspection expert for your home inspection and environmental testing needs such as asbestos testing, mold, radon and WETT Inspections! We travel all over North America to stay up to date and teach new methods to other home inspectors.

About Us


Knowledgeable Home Inspection Experts in The Field

In Business since 2012 with very high review ratings in the home inspection sector. We also specialize in Radon, Asbestos Testing and Mold Testing where others completely deny it in their agreements. Jim Van Loosen is an industry award winner Innovator of the year amongst his home inspector peers. Countless tv and radio interviews. 


We Notice the Little Things

Not only do we do our home inspections with integrity and attention to detail we also offer more warranties than anyone in the industry. Jim Van Loosen is an industry leading Home Inspector that specializes is WETT Inspections, Asbestos Testing, Radon Testing and even Mold Testing.


Be Confident In Your Property Transaction

We treat every home inspection like it is our own home and with these  values that separates us from other home inspectors. We will also be on the lookout for mold,radon and asbestos and in some cases may recommend asbestos testing or mold testing for added information and peace of mind

Our Services


Standard Home Inspections

Our Standard Home Inspection is already more than anyone offers. 

We include all the standard inspection details and include thermal imaging, moisture testing, EMF testing on request, Gas leak detection on request and so many warranties that we will have a link to over 100 pages of warranty information here very soon. Our home inspectors will make sure you are taken care of at the home inspection and long after. We can also provide mold, radon WETT and asbestos testing as required or rercommended.


Mold Testing

We are fully capable of Mold testing via air samples, swabs and physical samples which get sent to a lab for analysis. Not all molds are equal and black mold is merely a colour and does not identify what type of mold it is.

This test can be done as a stand alone test or at a discounted rate if required with the home inspection. Don't forget our home inspectors also specialize in WETT, Radon and Asbestos Testing.


Asbestos Testing

Sometimes, during the home inspection and based on the age of the home the home inspector is able to find suspect materials for asbestos containing materials. If we find these at the time of the inspection and recommend testing there will be a discount applied to the testing. We can also do this service as a stand alone test. Results are fast and accurate. Asbestos Testing results are fast and accurate.

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How can we help?

To get a free quote for a home inspection or if you have questions or special requests from your home inspector, just drop us a line or choose the book online button at the top of this page. We look forward to serving you! Yes you can even add mold testing or asbestos testing as well as radon testing at the end of your booking or at the home inspection.

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